Run for Wellness 5K – George Bush Park

5kGBPLogoCome join us for a FREE 5K!

Yes, you heard right. It’s free! All paces are accommodated! Want to test your speed, assess where you are with your training, race your buddies or just start running or walking for better health, then come join the Run For Wellness 5K Series.

Pre-registration is required for the race if you want a bib with a chip for an official time.  If you do not want to be timed, you do not need to register.  The trail is not closed for our exclusive use so there will be other users on the trail.  Baby joggers are allowed but we kindly ask that you seed yourself toward the back to allow the runners to pass safely.  Absolutely no dogs, roller blades, skateboards or bicycles in the race.  You will not receive your bib to participate with us if you have a dog, roller blades, skateboard or bicycle!  Since the trail is open to other users please be mindful of this and be aware of your surroundings. No more than 2 abreast on the trail to allow others to pass safely.  We would prefer that you leave your headphones behind but if you must have them please keep them on a low volume or one ear bud in so you can hear others around you.  SAFETY FIRST!!

When you arrive on race day, look for your bib number on the board and go to the bib pick up table to retrieve your bib.  No waiting, no hassle!

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The race is held at George Bush Park. Start/Finish is by the Fun Fair Positive Soccer (FFPS) fields off of Westheimer Parkway. The course is on the hike/bike trail. It is closed to vehicular traffic, asphalt, flat, shady and scenic.


From I-10 take the Fry Rd. Exit. Go south 3.6 miles to Westheimer Parkway. Turn left and go about a 1/4 mile to the George Bush (FFPS) fields. Turn left into the parking lot and continue about a 1/4 mile through the parking lot to the start of the race.

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The Houston Wellness Project is proud to partner with The Women’s Home! We are excited to be able to provide a beginner walking and running program to the residents of The Women’s Home. These are comprehensive 12 week based training programs with a goal 5K race at the end. By providing a training program and education on basic exercise principles that can easily be integrated into daily life, our goal is to empower the participants to consistently make positive healthy lifestyle choices and encourage them to become lifelong walkers or runners!

We depend on donations and volunteer support to run this program. We could not do it without your help!! Please consider making a donation today.

Your tax deductible donation helps to provide the following program needs:

  • Walking/Running shoes
  • Exercise apparel
  • Hats
  • Water bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • Watches
  • Pedometers
  • Course support items: Gatorade, water, coolers, cups etc…

About The Women’s Home (

The Women’s Home is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational, non-profit United Way agency that serves women who have experienced homelessness because of mental illness, abuse or addiction.

Founded in 1957, we have a history of helping women rebuild their lives that spans over 50 years.

Our unique WholeLife program addresses six areas of wellness-emotional/mental, physical, fiscal, social, vocational and spiritual and provides an opportunity for women to create a balanced and rewarding life.

The Women’s Home is a recognized model of excellence in long-term residential rehabilitation and is one of only five programs for women in the region approved by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

Nearly 90% of women who participate in our program for six months or longer leave with income and housing. That success rate is almost double the industry standard.

The Women’s Home is a training site for psychiatric residents from Baylor College of Medicine as well as graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Houston campuses, University of Texas School of Nursing, Our Lady of the Lake University and Texas Southern University.

Please use this button to Register for the April 27, 2014 Race!  Register Now!

Below are dates for future races – be sure to add them to your calendar. Once registration is open for each race, we will provide you with a registration link on this page! Hope to see you at all the 5K’s this year!

May 25, 2014 – 8am

June 29, 2014 – 7am (Make Note of Earlier Start!)

July 27, 2014 – 7am 

August 31, 2014 – 7am 

September 28, 2014 – 8am (Back to Later Start)

October 26, 2014 – 8am

November 30, 2014 – 8am

No race in December – 8am