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Who We Are

Mission & History


Our mission is simple.  We strive to empower all individuals to make positive healthy lifestyle choices by providing accessible wellness education and programming.



Why are we here?

We are proud to have been a growing part of our community since 2011. Our organization was founded in response to a growing need for improved community access to wellness programming.  

Many studies report that engaging in wellness activities leads to better mental and physical health, increased self satisfaction, decreased healthcare costs, fewer sick days and reduced injuries which leads to more productive communities and overall increased quality of life.

For all the talk and media buzz "wellness" has received over the years, only a very small percentage of people routinely engage in wellness activities.  It's still something we just talk about but don't put into action.  Time constraints cost and just not knowing what to do or how to do it are real road blocks.  Wellness programs are still considered a luxury, and high costs for yoga punch cards, gym memberships and entry fees for races and other various programs and activities can keep them out of the reach of a large portion of the community. But being healthy shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford it.

We have continued to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers that make our mission possible. Through all these years our purpose still remains the same: empowering individuals to make positive healthy lifestyle changes.