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Race Registration

Race Now Get Started/FAQ's

You can now register for our FREE races through our new RACE NOW registration system.  It's super easy to use and all your race statistics with us will be visible in your own personal dashboard.  Follow these few simple instructions to get started:

  • Create a profile in the RACE NOW system.  
  • Visit your dashboard and click to find races you want to register for.  Follow the instructions in the system to register for a race.  
  • Once you have registered for a race, you will see a notification on the screen of your bib number assignment.  YOU MUST show this screen via your phone, a screen shot of it, or you can print out the page and bring it with you.  You MUST present this upon checkin to receive your bib otherwise you WILL NOT receive a bib.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  
  • There is no pre-registration cut-off date with this new system.  You may register for any race up until 5 minutes before the race start.  So yes, this means you can arrive at the race, register for it on your phone and present your bib number.  

See it's that easy!!!  We have put together an instructional video below to help you too.  Questions email and we can help.  Are you ready!?  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


Note for parents/guardians:  Registration is based on an email.  If your child has an email address and wishes to register for their own profile and dashboard, they may do so with your permission.  If you have small children or do not wish for your child to create an account, you can add children to your own account.  When you create your profile, you have the option to add children.  If you have added children to your profile, when you register for a race the system will give you the option to register those children for the race too and will assign all of you individual bib numbers.  Children on a parent/guardian profile do not have their own dashboard.  But their results will be visible in the race results list once loaded into the system.  We have designed the system this way to give parents/guardians the option to proceed how they see fit for their family.  When adding children under your profile please only add them under one parent or guardian's profile.  This helps enable accuracy of their historical race results and will make transition to their own account in the future easier to identify their results if they are all under one parent or guardian profile.